30 Day Free Trial Offer:

We offer you the chance to try out the massage chairs for up to 30 days at home. We want you to be completely satisfied with our products. We want you to buy with full confidence. If after trying your massage chair, you are not fully happy with it, contact us, we will immediately response to refund your money less shipping.

For all massage chairs we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Customers will be responsible for the shipping costs to and from our side. No refunds after 30 days tryout period. At refund, you will be charged for all delivery and shipping charges.

All massage chair models offer an exchange once to another new one (within 30 days). About details, please read our return/exchange policy. After 30 days, all chairs will be turning into the warranty service.


Don't let the pain or stress block you away from the activities you enjoy!

Take your actions now; let us help you or a friend to find the most suitable massage products, we will help you out!

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