Referral Program

To share the pleasure that a massage product brought to you with your friend and family, let them see the positive side it has changed on your life, we offer a referral program to our old customers. If you have purchased our massage chairs or massage bed, and you recommend it to a friend or other family relatives, Comfort will offer you $100 check as rewards. Your deserve it, because by doing so, in principle you are not only helping us to find a customer, but also add a brick for us to build our mentality of having a comfort life for our customers, this is the long term goal for us to reach.

Please make sure that the person you recommended to us refer your name when he/she is doing the purchase. As long as he/she are not going to return the products within the 30 days trial period, we will send the check in your mailbox!   


Don't let the pain or stress block you away from the activities you enjoy!

Take your actions now; let us help you or a friend to find the most suitable massage products, we will help you out!

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